Our Process

With over 18 years experience in building and renovating, we take the confusion out of the process for you. We ask the right questions so we can find you the best solution for your home, your budget and your peace of mind.


Initial Meeting

Normally we'll meet you for the first time at the project location, to get a sense of the space you're working with, and what it is you're trying to achieve.

This meeting gives us a chance to talk through your master plan, both what you want to do and where you’re up to on that journey. Maybe you have your plans already and are good to go, but maybe you want us to guide you to a architect or draftsman to get started.

This meeting will last around an hour and give you a chance to get to know us and how we can help.

Making plans

The most important piece of any build or renovation is the planning. If you've already completed your plans and surveys then we can skip this step, but if not then we’ll put you in touch with one of our preferred architects or draftsmen to get your vision drawn up, both to meet your needs, design-style and budget.

Estimates and Contracts

Once we have a great set of plans to work to, we can put together a price for you and let you know what it will cost. We will also be able to speak to you about options for reducing costs where we can see them.


At this point you’ve created the plans and fallen in love with your future home. Now we need to get the approvals in place, either via DA or CDC (see the link below to understand these). We will take the hassle out of this for you and coordinate all of the approval documents.

Once you are approved and ready to go, we set a date and the real fun begins!

Building Works

During the build itself, we use a scheduling system called CoConstruct. You will have your own login and can check in at any point to see exactly where the project is up and any selection items you need to decide on.

CoConstruct gives you real time access to exactly what’s happening on your home. We will also be in constant communication with you via call/text/email. One of our foreman will be dedicated 100% to your job for the duration of the project, so you always have your go-to-guy on site every day.


The day is finally here, your home is ready! We will provide you with all the details of your finishes, paint colours, brands, warranties, certificates, etc… and of course the keys.

After this we will also check in with you over the next 12 months, to make sure everything is exactly as it should be. You can rest assured that your home will be perfect and our aftercare will keep it that way.